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Connecticut Population Projections, 2015-2040

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Connecticut population projections for 2015-2040 from the Connecticut State Data Center. The projections, based on the age characteristics of Connecticut's population along with recent birth, death, and migration rates, indicate Connecticut's population is expected to grow from about 3.59 million in 2015 to approximately 3.69 million in 2040, a 2.8% growth rate over the 25-year period. From 2015-2040, Connecticut is projected to add roughly 99,000 residents.

According to the Connecticut State Data Center, Connecticut's slow projected growth mirrors that of New England states, with most predicting small gains in population, or even negative growth, in the foreseeable future.

From 2010 to 2030, Connecticut is projected to gain 2.1%, Maine is projected to lose 0.5%, Massachusetts is projected to gain 10.4%, New Hampshire is projected to gain 6.6%, New York is projected to gain 2.2%, Rhode Island is projected to gain 1.7%, and Vermont is projected to gain 7.1% in population, according to projections produced by each of the respective states.

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