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Connecticut Town Population Projections, 2015-2040

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Connecticut town population projections for 2015-2040 from the Connecticut State Data Center. The projections show that multiple Connecticut towns are approaching a demographic shift due to an aging population, a near net zero overall migration rate, and a relatively low, but stable, birth rate.

Windham, East Windsor, Avon, Oxford, Ellington, Sterling, Norwich, West Haven, Rocky Hill, and Manchester are projected to experience the largest increases in overall population (by percentage growth) from 2015 to 2040, while towns of Sherman, New Fairfield, Bridgewater, Sharon, Monroe, Cornwall, Salisbury, Old Saybrook, Washington, and Weston are projected to experience the largest declines.


Connecticut State Data Center. (2017). 2015 to 2040 Population Projections — Town Level. Storrs, CT: Connecticut State Data Center. Retrieved from

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