Data Library

EdSight Aggregated Data - Student Demographics

The files available here contain school, district, and statewide demographic data (from school years 2007-08 to 2016-17) as derived from the Connecticut Data Collaborative’s edsight-data dataset, which is made available under the ODC Attribution License and can be accessed here. This data has been aggregated and organized to allow for easier access to Connecticut education information. The Connecticut Data Collaborative scraped and organized this data from the Connecticut State Department of Education's EdSight web portal using an open source tool available here.

Districts and schools are identified using names and numeric codes. In these files, filter by the “Source_file_name” column to see the exact group of data for which you are looking. Asterisks in the “Value” column represent data suppressed from the State Department of Education in order to ensure confidentiality.

State-level student counts are disaggregated into multiple demographic categories. Filter by category to display yearly totals, student counts filtered by a single category, or student counts filtered by multiple categories. Each individual filter has its own column. Click the "Overview" button to the right for a description of each file with column headers and descriptions.


Connecticut State Department of Education. (2017, July 7). Public School Enrollment. Available from