ECS Formula

NOTE: The new Education Cost Sharing (ECS) formula has NOT yet been implemented. The new formula is scheduled to be implemented beginning in fiscal year 2019.

The Education Cost Sharing (ECS) formula is the formula the state legislature has established to distribute approximately $2 billion in state education funding to local public school districts.

After years of not faithfully using an ECS formula and instead funding local public schools through block grants, in October 2017, the Connecticut General Assembly passed a new ECS formula as part of the state’s biennial budget for fiscal years 2018 and 2019.

How does the new ECS formula compare to the most recent version? Click here to view a helpful one-pager with all the information!

This section provides a look into the various components of the new formula, and how they impact students, schools, and communities. To learn more about a specific component of the new ECS formula, click on one of the links below.