Phase-in Plan

The ECS formula is currently being phased in over 10 years with the phase-in schedule differing between towns receiving — according to the formula — an increase in ECS funding over their fiscal year 2017 grants and those receiving a decrease. The phase-in began in FY 2019 and is currently in its third year. The phase-in will be complete in FY 2028.

Alliance Districts that would otherwise receive a decrease in state education aid, according to the ECS formula, are permanently “held harmless” at their fiscal year 2017 ECS grant amounts.

Below is a table detailing the formula’s 10-year phase-in schedule.

It is important to remember the ECS formula is calculated on an annual basis using updated district and town data. As a result, a town’s calculated ECS grant will change as its district and town inputs change. Additionally, as a town’s calculated ECS grant changes, so does the difference between the town’s calculated ECS grant and its fiscal year 2017 ECS grant, which impacts the phase-in schedule of the town’s grant.

Using Bristol as our sample Connecticut town, below is a hypothetical example of how a change in district enrollment (in this case a 5% increase) — with all other inputs remaining the same — would impact a town’s ECS grant for a given year (fiscal year 2022) compared to if all of the district/town inputs remained constant.

Click here for the estimated ECS formula phase-in schedule for your town