Get Involved

Are you a leader or member of an organization interested in how Connecticut funds its public schools? The School and State Finance Projects offers a number of ways for organizations to get involved and learn more about Connecticut’s education finance system.

Below are some of the ways the School and State Finance Project can work with your organization.

Knowledge Building on School Funding in CT
Difference Making Data
  • Accurate, Independent Data and Analysis. We can provide accurate, independent data and analysis to answer questions you have about Connecticut’s current education finance system and its impacts.
  • Custom Analysis and Data Visualizations. Looking for particular data on a specific type of school or student population? We can provide custom analysis that allows you and your group to take a deeper dive into the areas you’re most passionate about. To help bring data to life, we also create data visualizations that make data more visually appealing and easier to understand.
Insightful Reports and Research
  • Brief Reports and White Papers. Policy research is at the heart of our organization and we’re always excited to partner with other groups on reports or white papers. Additionally, if you or your organization is looking for a brief report on a particular education finance topic, we can use our research and data to help create a product that fits your needs and details the information you're seeking.


The individual and/or organizational views and opinions expressed by community partner groups and others working with us to solve Connecticut’s education finance challenges, do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the School and State Finance Project. Views, positions, and opinions should only be attributed to the School and State Finance Project if they are stated in official School and State Finance Project materials and collateral, or if they are expressed by a School and State Finance Project staff member acting in their official organization capacity.

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