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A comprehensive portal for those interested in how Connecticut's school finance system impacts Griswold

Griswold Public Schools educates 1,891 students. Of those students, 2 in 5 are low-income and roughly 1 in 7 need special education services. Despite growing needs, including a student poverty rate of 16 percent, Griswold Public Schools remains underfunded by the State by more than $2.5 million, according to the ECS formula. Despite taxpayers in Griswold currently paying 50 cents of every dollar in the city’s education budget, Griswold has the 18th lowest per-student spending in the state ($14,011) and spends less per student than similar districts.

This is the result of Griswold’s increasing student needs not being accounted for in the current funding system.

Below is a collection of documents providing greater information about school funding in Griswold and why Connecticut's current school finance system is unfair to the students, schools, taxpayers, and community of Griswold.

Presentation, from the March 13, 2017 Griswold School Board Meeting, Explaining Connecticut's School Finance System and How It Impacts Griswold

Presentation about Connecticut's School Finance System and How it Impacts Griswold

FAQs about Funding for Griswold Public Schools

Informational One-pager Concerning Funding for Griswold Public Schools

Griswold Legislative Delegation Handout (click here to find your legislators)