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Add your name to a growing group of Connecticut education, community, and social service stakeholders who have united in an effort to fix how the state funds its public schools! You or your organization can join a diverse collection of nonprofit organizations, education leaders, and policymakers who have signed on to a joint statement, which calls on the State to replace its broken school finance system with one that gives all students a fair chance at success.

Stakeholders across Connecticut coming together to support a fair and equitable school finance system is a significant step forward toward ensuring all the state's students are funded based on their learning needs. 

For signing on to our joint statement, you're also eligible to receive a FREE car magnet highlighting the need for fair school funding in Connecticut!

Below is the joint statement and a current list of signatories.

We Must Fix Connecticut’s School Finance System

For Connecticut to remain strong, we need a first-class education system that gives all students a fair chance at success. But Connecticut’s students face a tremendous challenge in their route to success: our broken school finance system.

Connecticut’s school finance system was set up more than three decades ago. Since then, it has been altered so many times it now adds to the problems it was trying to solve. Today, our state uses more than 10 different funding formulas to fund our public schools. These formulas have little relationship to students’ learning needs and create a system that is unfair to students, schools, and communities across the state.

Although we do not yet have a solution, we have come together as education, business, and community leaders to call for change, and a new system that meets the needs of Connecticut and its students.

Connecticut deserves a school funding system that:

  • Uses a funding formula to fund all students fairly;
  • Allocates funding based on student learning needs;
  • Distributes education dollars in a way that is consistent, predictable, efficient, and transparent; and
  • Meets the needs of communities and the state’s budget

Current List of Signatories

Connecticut School Finance Project
Achieve Hartford!
Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission (APAAC)
Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS)
Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS)
Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN)
Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM)
Connecticut Council for Education Reform (CCER)
Connecticut Voices for Children
Educators 4 Excellence—Connecticut
Elm City Communities/Housing Authority of the City of New Haven
Hispanic Health Council
Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission (LPRAC)
Middlesex Coalition for Children
Northeast Charter Schools Network (NECSN)
Open Communities Alliance
William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund
Marilyn Calderón, Executive Director, CT Parent Power

Educators & District Leaders
Dr. Sal Pascarella, Superintendent, Danbury Public Schools
Nathan Quesnel, Superintendent, East Hartford Public Schools
Jody Ian Goeler, Superintendent, Hamden Public Schools
Dr. Janet Robinson, Superintendent, Stratford Public Schools
Doreen Squillace, Teacher, Danbury Public Schools
Deborah Casey, Teacher, Danbury Public Schools
Abilene Freitas, Family Resource Center Coordinator, Danbury Public Schools
Michelle Wittko, Teacher, Danbury Public Schools

State & Local Policymakers
Rep. Jason Rojas, Connecticut State Representative (D-East Hartford)
Rep. Susan Johnson, Connecticut State Representative (D-Windham)
Rep. Kevin Skulczyck (R-Griswold) and First Selectman of Griswold

Concerned Parents & Connecticut Citizens

Bonnie May
Eileen Costello
Emma Pellerin
Katherine Tucker
Cheryl Radachowsky
David Watson
Lee Smith
Melvette Hill
Nick Lebron
Pastor Noemi Reyes
Beth Ann Fegley
Elizabeth Tilly
Tricia Robinson
Kevin Donohue
Alice Horriga
Sam Brill
Denise Ukers
Barry Chen
Crystal Charlton
Williana Andujar
Kiara Rosario
Vidannie Gil
Ivelisse Guzmán
Daquan Harrison
Kumon Brown
Karen Wong
Jean Paul
Ronalda Brown
Tanya Harrison
Ricardo Aldophe
Janya Moxam
DaTrelle Snell
Levy Brunette
Elaine Ward

         Molly Haynes
         Ashley Naomi Santiago
         Rachel Chaleski
         Mary Ann Strattner
         Denise Best
         Karraine Moody
         Lourdes Fonseca
         Lynn Radachowsky-Negron
         Michelle Muhammad
         Taiqueisha Washington
         Jodian Daley
         Mary Arconti Gregory
         Christina Sweeney
         Molly Anderson Diker
         Amina Brown
         Alexis Maestre-Saborit
         Callie Gale Heilmann         
         Widline Brumaire
         Leslie Change
         Ana Williams
         Yicely Mazara
         Amber Caouette
         Taykor Gallimore
         Bedaline Vargas
         Kendra Espinosa
         Paola Peguero
         Madelyn Disla
         Fernando Munoz
         Mariah Munoz
         Olajide Abiola
         Alana Turner
         Erika Stanley
         Carmen Medina
         Ellen Meyst

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