Malloy’s cut to Norwalk 2018 funding prompts ‘concern’ (NancyOnNorwalk)

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On June 30, after the legislature failed to come up with a two-year budget, Malloy signed an executive order to keep the state in business, funding state government operations while budget negotiations continue. The Executive Order Resource Allocation Plan included a $4.4 million cut to Norwalk’s education funding in 2018, under the category Education Cost Sharing (ECS).

On Monday, Connecticut School Finance Project Director and Founder Katie Roy alerted the public to “significant changes to state education funding, including a $506 million cut to the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) grant.”

“The deep cuts to education funding, as well as the cuts to municipal aid and other important services, contained in the Executive Order are a product of Connecticut’s $2.3 billion deficit for fiscal year 2018, as well as the fact that the governor does not have the authority to use an executive order to raise additional revenues or appropriate funds outside of what is allowed in state statute,” Roy wrote.

The group’s projected education funding cut for Norwalk in 2018 is $6,984,781.

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