New school funding proposal called work in progress (Connecticut Post)

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A new school funding proposal advanced this week by the Legislature’s Education Committee would help some suburban districts but does the Bridgeport public schools no favors.

The plan would leave Bridgeport with less funding than the one proposed in February by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, while it would soften a proposed state education funding cut for suburban districts.


Under the Education Committee bill, it is believed Bridgeport would get a $239,614 increase over the $181.3 million it receives now, according to Katie Roy, director of the Connecticut School Finance Project.


Roy, meanwhile, said the new proposal would continue the practice of funding Connecticut’s public school based on patchwork policies and tinker around the edges of fixing our state’s school finance system, rather than addressing these problems head on.

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Article also published in the Danbury News-Times, Greenwich Time, Norwalk Hour, and Stamford Advocate.