Katie Roy Asks Insurance and Real Estate Committee to Withdraw S.B. 199

Legislative Testimony

Testimony Regarding S.B. 199, An Act Concerning Special Education Funding

Katie Roy, Director & Founder
Insurance and Real Estate Committee
Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Chairmen Larson, Kelly, and Scanlon, Ranking Member Sampson, and distinguished members of the Insurance and Real Estate Committee:

Thank you for the opportunity to provide written testimony regarding S.B. 199 and the creation of a Special Education Predictable Cost Cooperative Implementation Committee.

While I appreciate the Committee’s interest in the Special Education Predictable Cost Cooperative (Co-op) model, and its desire to strengthen and improve how special education funding works in Connecticut, I respectfully ask the Committee to withdraw S.B. 199.

Although the Connecticut School Finance Project did develop the Co-op model, in partnership with members from the University of Connecticut’s Goldenson Center for Actuarial Research and the Neag School of Education, we did not request for S.B. 199 to be filed.

As part of the bipartisan budget agreement that passed in October, a task force was established “to study the feasibility of forming a special education predictable cost cooperative or other model to minimize the volatility in municipal special education spending.” This 12-member task force, which does not include a Connecticut School Finance Project representative, is currently meeting and is in the process of examining not only the Co-op model but other approaches to funding special education.

We ask that this task force, which terminates on January 1, 2019, be allowed to continue its work and fulfill its requirements and objectives as outlined in Section 70 of the bipartisan biennial budget.

We thank the Committee, as well as the Education Committee and its leadership, for its commitment to Connecticut’s more than 77,000 students with disabilities, and for working toward a more predictable, transparent, and equitable system for funding special education.

Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to submit written testimony urging the Committee to withdraw S.B. 199, and please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.


Katie Roy
Director & Founder
Connecticut School Finance Project