Analysis of State Education Funding in Governor's FY 2021 Recommended Budget Adjustments


On Wednesday, February 5, 2020, Governor Ned Lamont introduced his recommended budget adjustments for fiscal year 2021 for the General Assembly to consider during this short legislative session.

Included in the governor's recommended budget adjustments are several changes to state education funding, including changes to funding levels for the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) grant, schools of choice, and other education grants. No changes, however, were proposed to the actual ECS formula as the governor's recommended adjustments faithfully follow the ECS formula and it's phase-in schedule.

As our organization has done for the past several years, the School and State Finance Project has prepared an analysis detailing the governor's proposed state education funding and school finance changes.

Included in this analysis is a comparison of ECS estimates for each town for FY 2021 under the current biennial state budget and the governor's recommended budget adjustments. The estimates are also compared to each town's ECS funding for FY 2020. Also included in the analysis is a table comparing funding for schools of choice line items, and other major education grants, under the current biennial budget and the governor's recommended budget adjustments.

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Please note the recommended FY 2021 budget adjustments released by Governor Lamont are only proposed and are not final or enacted. Connecticut’s budget for FY 2021 remains as detailed in the biennial state budget (Conn. Acts 19-117) unless it is modified by the General Assembly and signed by the governor.

We hope you find this analysis helpful, and that it provides useful information regarding the governor's recommended budget adjustments. Should you have any questions or comments regarding the analysis or state education funding in the budget, please email us at