Our Solutions

Since its founding in June 2015, the Connecticut School Finance Project has worked to identify and develop solutions to Connecticut’s school funding challenges that are fair to students and taxpayers, and strengthen schools and communities.

Working collaboratively with stakeholders across the state who are impacted by how Connecticut’s public schools are funded, the Connecticut School Finance Project has developed solutions aimed at 1) improving how state education aid is distributed to public schools and 2) improving predictability in special education funding.

Use this section to learn more about our proposed solutions and how they address Connecticut's school finance challenges. For questions or comments about our proposed solutions, please email us at info@ctschoolfinance.org.

Special Education Finance System
Connecticut is one of only four states with no system for funding all of its special education students. As a result, special education costs for Connecticut’s public schools have become unpredictable, making it difficult for districts to plan budgets that meet the needs of all the students they serve. Our solution to this unpredictability is the development and implementation of a Special Education Predictable Cost Cooperative. The Co-op is a special education finance system that allows the state and local governments to share in special education costs and keep decisions and delivery of special education services local.
Learn more about the Special Education Predictable Cost Cooperative