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Analyses of Proposed State Education Funding Changes During the 2018 Regular Legislative Session

Throughout the 2018 regular legislative session, several budget proposals were made that offered  changes to state education funding for fiscal year 2019.

As these budget proposals were made, the Connecticut School Finance Project routinely produced independent analyses comparing the budgetary impacts and structures of the most recent budget adjustment proposals.

This is a collection of those analyses, organized by the date they were released. Each date contains two documents merged into a single file. These documents include:

  • An analysis featuring town-by-town ECS estimates for the FY 2019 budget adjustment proposals, along with a comparison of those estimates to appropriated ECS amounts for FY 2019 in the current biennial budget. Also included is a table with proposed changes to schools of choice line items and other major education grants.
  • A table outlining how the ECS formula in each FY 2019 budget adjustment proposals compares to the ECS formula in the current biennial state budget.
Citations for Most Recent Analyses

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Connecticut School Finance Project. (2018). Comparison Table of School Funding Proposals - May 10, 2018. Retrieved from http://ctschoolfinance.org/assets/uploads/files/Formula-Comparison-Table-May-10-2018.pdf.