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Analysis of State Education Funding Changes in Governor's Proposed FY 2019 Budget Adjustments

On February 5, 2018, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy released his recommended budget adjustments for fiscal year 2019. Included in this budget proposal were several changes to state education funding, including changes to funding levels for the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) grant, schools of choice, and other education grants.

In an effort to provide useful information for policymakers, educators, community leaders, and all individuals interested in how Connecticut funds its public schools, the Connecticut School Finance Project has prepared two documents that offer a brief overview of the governor’s proposed budget adjustments for FY 2019, and compare the proposed adjustments to the biennial state budget (Conn. Acts 17-2 (June Special Session)) that was signed into law in October 2017.

These documents are:

  • An analysis featuring ECS estimates for each town based on the governor’s proposed FY 2019 budget adjustments along with a comparison of those estimates to appropriated ECS amounts for FY 2019 in the current biennial budget. Also included is a table with proposed changes to schools of choice line items and other major education grants.
  • A table outlining how the ECS formula in the governor’s proposed adjusted budget for FY 2019 compares to the ECS formula in the current biennial state budget.

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