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Special Education Predictable Cost Cooperative: a solution for funding special education in Connecticut (INFOGRAPHIC)

This infographic from the Connecticut School Finance Project details a solution to Connecticut’s special education funding challenges, the development and implementation of a Special Education Predictable Cost Cooperative (the Co-op). 

Currently, Connecticut is one of only four states with no system for funding all of its nearly 75,000 students who require some special education services. As a result, special education costs for Connecticut’s public schools are unpredictable, making it difficult for districts to plan a budget that meets the needs of all the students they serve. This unpredictability is why Connecticut must improve how it funds special education, and implement a system that benefits all students and ensures adequate funding for students with disabilities—no matter what their needs are.

The Co-op is a special education finance system that allows the state and local governments to share in special education costs and keep decisions and delivery of special education services local. The Co-op's purpose is not to either raise or lower a district's special education costs. Rather, the purpose of the Co-op is to make districts' special education costs more predictable.

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