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Comparison and Analysis of School Funding Proposals (September 11)

On Friday, September 8, Governor Dannel Malloy released an updated budget proposal for the FY 2018–FY 2019 biennium. Included in this budget proposal were several changes to Connecticut's school finance system.

With the release of this latest budget proposal, the Connecticut School Finance Project — as it has done previously — produced an independent analysis comparing the budgetary impacts and structures of each of the various school finance proposals that have emerged during this year’s regular and special legislative sessions.

Included in the analysis on state education funding are the following budget proposals:

In an effort to provide greater clarity and understanding about how these very different proposals would impact state education funding for Connecticut’s public schools, the Connecticut School Finance Project has prepared two documents:

  • A table comparing the components, total costs, and phase-in plans of the different school funding proposals 
  • A document providing state education funding estimates for fiscal year 2018 for each town and choice program under each school funding proposal

These documents compare the various school finance proposals side-by-side and detail how each proposal would distribute state education funding.


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