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Connecticut State Education Grants

In the adopted fiscal year 2017-18 Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) budget of $2.93 billion, approximately $2.90 billion (or 99 percent) can be categorized as grants. Almost 70 percent of the CSDE grants are for the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) grant. The remainder of the grants can be categorized as grants to: towns (excluding the ECS grant), public schools of choice, entities that are not towns, and other programs (Other Current Expenses). This report details these grants and compares their FY 2016-17 actual expenditures with the their budget appropriations for FY 2017-18.


Connecticut School Finance Project. (2018). Connecticut State Education Grants. New Haven, CT: Author. Retrieved from  http://ctschoolfinance.org/assets/uploads/files/CT-State-Education-Grants.pdf.

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