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FAQs: School District Consolidation

Connecticut’s student population has declined nearly seven percent in the past 10 years, and the rate of this decline is faster than initially projected. Currently, Connecticut has a relatively large number of school districts for its geographic size and student population, including 84 local and regional school districts serving fewer than 2,000 students. Research indicates very small schools and districts may not be able to provide comprehensive educational programs to students, including extracurricular activities and Advanced Placement courses. In addition, research also suggests that economic efficiency is expected when small school districts consolidate, and in peer states the optimal school district size for these efficiencies is approximately 1,500-3,000 students.

In light of this, this frequently asked questions document looks at the impact on student outcomes, as well as the fiscal impact, of district consolidation, which is the combination of two or more previously independent school districts into one new and larger school district, resulting in a single district oversight board and administration.


Connecticut School Finance Project. (2019). FAQs: School District Consolidation. New Haven, CT: Author. Retrieved from http://ctschoolfinance.org/assets/uploads/files/School-District-Consolidation.pdf.

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