Want to learn more about school finance? Use this section to peruse a wide collection of reports, publications, and data, or search our collection by category. For selected community-specific presentations and handouts, and for our 2019 School Finance Community Toolkit, please visit our Community Pages section.

Our Reports
The Our Reports section features reports, policy briefings, presentations, infographics, data visualizations, and more, all created by the Connecticut School Finance Project. These materials cover a variety of topics in school finance and are all categorized and available for download.
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Resource Library
Our Resource Library contains reports, publications, and findings from state and federal government agencies, Connecticut nonprofits, and national education organizations. All items in the Resource Library are categorized and available for download.
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Data Library
Custom datasets produced by the Connecticut School Finance Project, along with state and federal government datasets, are also available in our Data Library. These datasets are available for download and provide more information about Connecticut’s public schools and how they are funded.
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If you’re interested in specific data or a customized dataset, please contact us at