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  • Is School Funding Fair? A National Report Card

    Is School Funding Fair? A National Report Card is an annual examination of school funding fairness. Currently in its seventh edition, the report measures the fairness of the school finance systems in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The central purpose of the Report Card is to evaluate the extent to which state systems ensure equality of educational opportunity for all children, regardless of background, family income, where they live, or where they attend school.

  • Major Issues in Financing PreK-12 Public Education: Achieving a Balanced Local-State Relationship

    In preparation for the 2014 elections, the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities issued this report to candidates detailing flaws in Connecticut’s school funding system and why a new formula is needed. The report specifically highlights the tax burden on municipalities and what the CCM believes the state – local relationship should look like for education.

  • Providing Educational Opportunity for Every Child

    In this candidate briefing for the 2014 elections, Connecticut Voices for Children stresses that every child has an equal right to a free public education. The briefing calls for greater resources and educational opportunities for Connecticut’s minority, low-income, disabled, and ELL students who are behind their peers academically. Overall, the briefing stresses that Connecticut must commit sufficient resources to ensure all children receive a high-quality education. In particular, the state must increase support for students in towns that have too weak a property tax base to fund their schools adequately.

  • Education Finance in Connecticut: Overreliance on the Property Tax

    Report highlights Connecticut’s overreliance on local property taxes for school funding and examines what the tax burden means for municipalities. The report also recommends changes to Connecticut’s school funding system and offers insight into how the current system came to exist.