A Quick Glance at School Finance: A 50 State Survey of School Finance Policies

Jan 1, 2018

Provides state-by-state descriptions of public elementary and secondary finance policies and programs in effect during the 2017-18 school year. The report consists of two volumes. In Volume I are state-by-state descriptions across all school finance components for each state. Volume II contains separate sections for select provisions across all states, including finance formulae and cost differentials for students and districts. This includes such areas as special education, English Language Learners, and grade level adjustments. Tax and expenditure information is also included in this section.​


Verstegen, D. A. (2018). A 50 State Survey of School Finance Policies and Programs (2018). Reno, NV: University of Nevada, College of Education. Retrieved from https://schoolfinancesdav.wordpress.com.

  • Education Funding (National)
  • English Learners
  • Funding Formulas
  • Special Education