Mismatch Between Funding & Student Needs in Connecticut

Nov 1, 2018

School + State Finance Project Original Content

Originally released in 2015 and then updated in November 2018, this policy briefing examines the mismatch between public school funding and the learning needs of Connecticut students.

The policy briefing finds that the mismatch is the result of several contributing factors and Connecticut’s overall school finance system. While the Connecticut General Assembly took significant steps toward fixing the ECS formula during the 2017 legislative special session, work still needs to be done to ensure all students, regardless of need, receive equitable funding and have the same opportunities to succeed in Connecticut’s public schools.

Finally, the policy briefing concludes that to fix the funding inequity that exists among Connecticut’s local public school districts, and resolve the mismatch between student needs and resources, further steps need to be taken to ensure education dollars are distributed in a transparent, consistent, and predictable manner.


Connecticut School Finance Project. (2018). Mismatch Between Funding & Student Needs in Connecticut. New Haven, CT: Author. Retrieved from http://ctschoolfinance.org/assets/uploads/files/Mismatch-Between-Funding-and-Student-Needs.pdf.

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