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February 03, 2021

Connecticut's State Budget Process

This policy briefing provides a quick overview of Connecticut's biennial (two-year) budget process from the governor's initial proposed budget to a final product passed by the legislature and signed by the governor.

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State Budget

January 26, 2021

Student-Centered Funding System

Although positive steps have been taken by the General Assembly over the past few years to improve how Connecticut funds K-12 public education, the state’s education finance system remains inequitable, disjointed, and inadequate for addressing the systemic racial disparities and wide gaps found in Connecticut education funding. These longstanding challenges are why we are working collaboratively with legislative, education, community, and municipal stakeholders across the state to advance a student-centered funding system.

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Education Funding

November 10, 2020

Economic Impacts of Land Use Regulations in Connecticut

The State of Connecticut is facing structural headwinds that threaten the ability for its residents, taxpayers, and businesses to thrive. One of these structural challenges is Connecticut’s land use regulations, which have restricted housing supply, increased housing prices, and limited economic growth. This report describes how including the dimension of economic impact and growth in the analysis of land use regulations and development processes can address this structural challenge.

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Housing & Zoning

September 24, 2020

Introduction to Charter Schools in Connecticut

This policy briefing provides an overview of charter schools in Connecticut, including the students they serve, the background and history of Connecticut's charter schools, the state oversight and regulations for charter schools, and the distribution of state education dollars to charter schools.

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Schools of Choice

September 23, 2020

FAQs: Connecticut Regional School Districts

This frequently asked questions document by the School and State Finance Project provides information about Connecticut's 17 regional school districts, which educate a combined enrollment of more than 24,00 students. Regional school districts in Connecticut are public school districts created by two or more municipalities to educate their student populations jointly. This FAQ document answers questions about the creation, administration, and funding of Connecticut's regional school districts.

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