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FY 2021 Monthly Estimated Budget Projections, Revenue Estimates, Expenditure Details, and Agency Deficiency Tables (Office of Fiscal Analysis)

Jun 25, 2021

Monthly reports from the Connecticut General Assembly's Office of Fiscal Analysis detailing its most recent estimated General Fund budget projections, revenue estimates, expenditure details, and agency deficiencies for fiscal year 2021.

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Monthly Budget Reports from the State Comptroller to the Governor (Office of the State Comptroller)

Sep 1, 2021

At, or near, the beginning of each month, the state comptroller provides a budget update to the governor. The budget update provides financial statements for the General Fund and the Special Transportation Fund, and includes the comptroller's projection for any budget deficits or surpluses.

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Fiscal Accountability Reports (Office of Fiscal Analysis)

Dec 10, 2020

Each November, in accordance with state statute, the Connecticut General Assembly's Office of Fiscal Analysis produces a Fiscal Accountability Report. According to statute, the report must explain: (1) the level of spending changes from current year spending allowed by consensus revenue estimates, (2) any changes to current year spending necessary because of “fixed cost drivers,” and (3) the total change to current year spending required to accommodate fixed cost drivers without exceeding current revenue estimates. For the most recent report, fixed cost drivers include debt service, pension contributions, retiree health care, entitlement programs, and federal mandates.

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Public School Expenditures Reports (CT State Department of Education)

Sep 20, 2021

Each year, the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) publishes Public School Expenditure Reports. Based on data submitted to the CSDE by each school district through the Education Financial System (EFS), these reports provide information on total district and school spending as well as spending per student.

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Sheff v. O'Neill Supreme Court Ruling and Subsequent Stipulation Agreements

Jan 10, 2020

In 1996, in a 4-3 decision, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled the state had an affirmative obligation to provide Connecticut's school children with a substantially equal educational opportunity and that this constitutionally guaranteed right encompasses the access to a public education, which is not substantially and materially impaired by racial and ethnic isolation. The Court further concluded that school districting, based upon town and city boundary lines, is unconstitutional. As a result of the decision, the Connecticut State Legislature passed legislation in 1997 encouraging voluntary actions toward racial integration. However, since then, there have been a number stipulated agreements between the case's plaintiffs and the State of Connecticut to ensure the Connecticut Supreme Court's ruling is followed.

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Local Public School District Net Current Expenditures Per Pupil (CT State Department of Education)

Jan 21, 2021

This resource features data from the Connecticut State Department of Education detailing per-student spending from 2007-20 for each Connecticut local public school district. The data includes net current expenditures (NCE) per pupil (NCEP) and special education Excess Cost grant basic contributions for the May payment.

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