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The Connecticut Economic Digest (CT Department of Labor & Department of Economic and Community Development)

Jan 6, 2022

The purpose of the Connecticut Economic Digest is to provide up-to-date data on the state's workforce and economy. The monthly publication is produced by the Connecticut Department of Labor's Office of Research and the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development.

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Annual Reports (Office of the State Treasurer)

Dec 31, 2021

Each year, in accordance with state statutes, the Office of the State Treasurer releases an Annual Report that includes "quantitative data, explanatory comments, and financial information regarding the Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds; the Short-Term Investment Fund; and the Connecticut Higher Education Trust, Connecticut’s 529 College Savings Program." The Annual Report also includes information about the "operations of the divisions of Cash Management, Debt Management, Pension Funds Management, Second Injury Fund and Unclaimed Property."

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Monthly Budget Reports from the State Comptroller to the Governor (Office of the State Comptroller)

Dec 31, 2021

At, or near, the beginning of each month, the state comptroller provides a budget update to the governor. The budget update provides financial statements for the General Fund and the Special Transportation Fund, and includes the comptroller's projection for any budget deficits or surpluses.

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Monthly State Budget Forecasts (Office of Policy and Management)

Dec 20, 2021

On or before the 20th day of each month, Connecticut's Office of Policy and Management, in compliance with section 4-66 of the state's General Statutes, provides the state comptroller with a forecast of revenues and expenditures for the state's General Fund.

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Annual Reports (Office of the State Comptroller)

Dec 16, 2021

Each year, as required by state statute, the State Comptroller releases a report detailing the balances for the State's various funds. This report also details realized revenue versus budgeted revenue for specific State funds.

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