Why do we need to improve school funding in Connecticut?

Our students deserve a better system.

The Need for Equitable Funding

Although Connecticut's General Assembly has taken steps in recent years toward equitably funding Connecticut’s public school students, the state still faces several obstacles to implementing and maintaining a fully equitable school finance system.

While some schools have what they need, others continue to struggle to provide basic supplies, making it difficult to offer their students the high-quality education they deserve.

How are we going to improve how schools are funded?
Research. Collaborate. Take Action.

Founded in 2015, the nonprofit Connecticut School Finance Project aims to ensure Connecticut has a fair and equitable school finance system, and strives to be a trusted, nonpartisan, and independent source of accurate data and information.

Although not a member-based organization, the Connecticut School Finance Project actively works with a diverse group of stakeholders, including education and community leaders, nonprofit organizations, and individuals interested in how school finance impacts students and schools.

The Connecticut School Finance Project aims to incorporate the viewpoints and perspectives of stakeholders to develop fair, well-thought-out solutions that help create a sensible and equitable school funding system that meets the needs of Connecticut and all of its public school students.

Our Goals

  • 1

    Build knowledge about how the current school funding system works.

  • 2

    Bring together stakeholders who are impacted by how schools are funded.

  • 3

    Identify solutions to Connecticut’s school funding challenges that are fair to students and taxpayers, and strengthen schools and communities.