About Us

Our Mission and Goals

Founded in 2015, the nonprofit Connecticut School Finance Project strives to be a trusted, nonpartisan, and independent source of accurate data and information that transcends special interests.

The goals of the Connecticut School Finance Project are to:

  • Build knowledge about how the current school funding system works.
  • Bring together stakeholders who are impacted by how schools are funded.
  • Identify solutions to Connecticut’s school funding challenges that are fair to students and taxpayers, and strengthen schools and communities.

We are approaching the challenges of Connecticut’s school funding system with an open mind and want to work collaboratively with all of the stakeholders who are impacted by how Connecticut’s public schools are funded before developing our recommended solution(s). Any solution(s) we put forth will focus on creating a sensible, fair funding system that meets the needs of Connecticut and its students.

Our Funding

The Connecticut School Finance Project is funded entirely through the generous support of nonprofit foundations. The Connecticut School Finance Project does not accept state or federal grants or gifts from individuals or corporations to support our work. Additionally, all of our funding is unrestricted, and all editorial control rests with the staff of the Connecticut School Finance Project.

We are a Nonprofit Project of Third Sector New England

The Connecticut School Finance Project is a nonprofit of Third Sector New England. Since 1959, Third Sector New England has been providing management and leadership resources to help nonprofits across the region. A nonpartisan and experienced fiscal sponsor, Third Sector New England is a recognized leader in the field and currently serves nonprofits from a variety of sectors throughout New England and across the country. The Third Sector New England Board of Directors has governing authority over and legal and fiduciary responsibility for the Connecticut School Finance Project. You can view Third Sector New England’s website at www.tsne.org.

Para obtener una versión española, visite http://ctschoolfinance.org/about-espanol.